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From: Jake Harper
Subject: Forget About It ; Chapter 5{Forget About It is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above
the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This
is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in
realistic balance in the characters' lives.Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely
accidental. If you are a underage, (according to your state laws as a
minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your
viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are
reading preteen girls virgin it, stop reading the story.This story cannot be preteens panties young distributed in anyway, shape or form without my
expressed consent.}
Forget About ItChapter 5: We Own The Night(Jake's view)"I...wish you'd get off of me..."I hear the front door open upstairs and quickly push Ben off of me."Jake! I'm home." "'Hey Aunt Jackie! I'm down here with Ben.""Jake, come up here I got a surprise for you. Oh, hi Ben!" underage preteen sites "Coming!""Eww. You are? Haha." Ben jokes. "Oh shut up you." We run up the stairs to see what Aunt Jackie
got me. preteen pics board "What is it? What is it?" She pulls a book out of the bag. It's a
gay book?! On the cover are two men holding hands! "Why did you get that?!""What? Don't you like it?" "I'm not fucking gay Aunt Jackie!""Oh...well when your dad called me to ask for you to stay here he said you
were the biggest homo he had ever seen." Aunt Jackie doesn't realize that
the word "homo" isn't always used just to describe someone's sexuality. "Aunt Jackie, he meant that in a bad way." She still doesn't
get it but I do and latv an preteens I am pissed. "Maybe that's something you should talk to
me about instead of automatically writing me off as gay! Do I look gay to
you?""Well... I mean..." preteens teens sexy
"Aunt Jackie!" I'm seriously about to lose my top, especially
after what just happened with Ben. "Ugh. Me and Ben are going to go watch
TV in the other room." We leave the room and I turn on the TV and hand Ben
the remote. "Here, pick what you want." I hear a truck coming up the street
so I walk to the window to see preteen beauty galleries if the mailman is coming. While I'm looking
around I happen to see a new car sitting in our driveway. "Aunt Jackie! Why
did you get a new car?""That's none of your business Jake." In any ordinary conversation, what she
said would have been fine. The way she said it though, with such an
undertone to it, it's like she wanted the conversation to be over before it
even began. "Oh yes it is!"(Ben's view)I don't know latv an preteens how it got to this point, but the argument between Jackie and
Jake had escaladed to where they are now yelling at each other, over a car?
People confuse me. I'm glad I came over though to clear up what happened
with Allie. Haha I still think it's funny as hell that Jake let her fall. "Hey Jake, I'm going to go now." He was too busy yelling to
acknowledge what I just said. "Alright Jake, I'm at the door." I turn the
doorknob and walk out.As usual, I walk to the park. All things considered, I really have dealt
with my father's death too well. Maybe it's the fact that he abused me when
I was a kid or that he never was around much but I didn't really miss
him. I get to the corner and look up at the creep's window, awaiting his
usual stares. Instead I am pulled across the lawn and in the house."It's not safe to talk outside." The creep says as he pins me against the
front door. "Get the fuck off of me! Help!!!" He puts his hand over my
mouth to hush my desperate cries for anyone to help me."Shhh! Listen kid I knew your father and he wasn't a good person. He was an
undercover detective turned bad and that's' the reason he was killed. He
was in the middle of a fake drug bust when THEY kidnapped him, threw him in
the trunk of THEIR car and burned the motherfucker up!" "What the fuck is wrong with you?" I try to mutter through his
hand but appears not to go through."Listen you aren't safe and you need to watch your back! People that you
may seem to know may actually be against you." I bite his finger, open the
door then run as fast as I can to the park. "Be careful Ben!"How the fuck did he know my name? Who the fuck was he? How did he know my
father? And my father, an undercover detective? He must've been way under
those covers! He was just a real-state agent! I arrive at the park and walk
to the side that no one goes to. I settle on a bench under a bridge and
just sit and contemplate all that just happened. Could the creep actually
have known my dad? He looked to be around my dad's age, mid-forties. He had
those clothes that only old people wear but he seemed to be in shape for
his age. I couldn't help notice that he had a scar across his eye. Seemed
like he could have gotten the scar if he were in a knife fight or
something. So many situations played out in my head. Woah, Jake is in the
park too. I see him walking past the bridge. I get up and walk slowly out
from under the bridge. He's walking to the rusty old swing set from ages
ago. I walk a safe distance behind him as to not aware him that I'm being a
stalker. He sits down and rocks back and forth lightly.(Jake's view)What is going on? Can Aunt Jackie really have something to do with Ben's
dad's death? She was being so suspicious about the car. Plus, a car was
blown up, then her car goes missing... I can't help but be a little
curious. So many questions are running through my head, it's all so hard to
take in."Hey, you looked kinda lonely over here so I thought I'd come over and keep
you company."I look up from free preteen sexsites my world of confusion and see the most preteen sex sister beautiful person
ever. ......... "Really? You are? Me too! That is so cool!" Victoria and I had
been talking for the past hour. It's amazing how we went from meeting on
the swing set to walking side-by-side, hands intertwined in this short
amount of time. We really have so much preteen sexy sites in common. I just found out she is a
Spiderman fan just like me! She is a great girl and I'm really glad she
introduced herself to me."So I was thinking..." "Yea?""Since we hit it off so well today..." "Mhm...""Do you think we could possibly go on a date tonight?" Wow. real cp preteens Did she really
just ask me out? Yay!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! "Umm yea. That would be really cool.""Alright cool. Well I got to go so I'll see you tonight. Meet me at the
mall around five?" "Yea ok." I checked my phone for the time. Three o' clock
already?! That means I only have two hours to flip out! "I'll see you
then."(Ben's view)Why was I so fucking mad? Not at Jake but of that hoe standing next to
him. They have been walking around talking for the past hour. It took
everything I had not to rip the girl's ass preteen boys head off when she started
intertwining her fingers into Jake's. Jake doesn't even know the girl! They
just met! Ugh. Wait? Am I preteen angels images jealous of her? No! I'm not gay. Am I? No! It was
just something off about this girl. Right? I don't know anymore. Things are
crazy right now I mean for Christ's sake my dad died yesterday. My ex hit
on Jake, now this girl comes around. I just don't know. Usually when I'm
confused cuties little preteen I result to bad habits like cutting and punching holes in the wall
but I can't do that anymore. Drinking may possibly help... I walk home and
look in my dad's secret hiding place. Mom didn't like him drinking because
he got crazy a lot but me, yeeaaaa let's just say she doesn't know. I chug
down the first bottle of vodka I can find. I burst out in to a coughing
fit. Maybe I should've drunken this slower. Won't stop me though. I grab
the next bottle and start drinking the night away.Two hours later I'm chillin in my backyard just looking up. It's not night
yet but it's pretty close. I hear the doorbell ringing from inside and
stumble towards the door to see who it is. "He-helllllooo?""Ben? Are you drunk?!" "HEHEHE! Nooooo""Where is your mother? " don't worry about it.""Ben you need to relax a bit. Come on." He grabs my arm and pulls me
upstairs. "Which one is your room?" I point to the one on the left and he
drags me in there and lays me on my bed. He sits next to me holding my
hand. "Ben, are you going to be ok? I'm really worried about you. What
happened?" I put my finger to his mouth. "Shhh.... I am fiiiiine...""Really? Because you don't seem fiiiiine." He cracks a chuckle. That is
such russian preteen babes a cute laugh.... "Hey Jake!""Hey what?" "I saw you with that pretty giiiirl...""Oh her? I was supposed to go on a date with her tonight. Actually right
now." "Well...why... didn't you?""To be honest, I'm kind of scared. Scared to get my heart broken again and
scared to even try and start anything with a girl..." "Hehe... are you gaaaay?""No I am not gaaaay... I'm just... reluctant when it comes to girls."
"Well you know Jake! I really think you should....go out with
her...tonight."(Jake's view)Ben passes out on the bed. "Yea... me too..."I walk out on Ben and run to the mall to meet Victoria. I stop two houses
down from my Aunt's because I realize, I have a car... I drive down to the
mall, hop out of my car, and walk to the entrance. I am thirty minutes late
but I see Victoria standing outside. I start walking towards her until I
see guy coming up on the other side of her. The dude obviously knows
Victoria by the way they hug."Victoria! It's been so long since we've seen each other." "Yea. Not since the break-up.""Yea..." A ha sucker! Just got shot down. Oh by the way she can't see
me. "Well how bout me and you go see a movie?" "Well I was suppose to meet someone here.... but he hasn't
shown up so... sure, why not." What is she doing? Did she forget all about me? How could this happen? I
was just starting to put my heart back out there...(Ben's view)Pretending to fall asleep was a good plan. Got Jake to go on that date. I'm
glad I could help. Now that I think about it though... I really am tired
beyond control. I take a nap and wake up an hour later. Jake is standing by
my bed. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be on a preteen kid videos date?""She found someone else..." "Oh Jesus... I'm so sorry Jake.""Don't be, just be my friend right now." He sits on the bed as I sit
up. "Ben, earlier you asked if I was gay. I guess that isn't something that
we have discussed very well. I am straight, what are you?" Uh oh. Umm I
don't know! "Funny you should ask. Jake, ever since you've moved here I
feel this sort of attraction towards you. Please don't freak ass preteen boys because this
is the first time it's happened and I'm not sure what is going on.""Let's go to the park." Oook...let's go to the park.We walk to the park after Jake goes inside his Aunt's house and grabs a gym
bag. "What is in there?""Don't worry about it."At the park we go to a spot where we could lay down looking at the night
sky. nude preteen naturists
"Grass makes me...""That's why I preteen daddy brought a blanket. Well two actually just in case we get
cold." "You and I under one blanket? Didn't I just get done telling
you I am sort of attracted to you?""Exactly." He smiles then incest chat preteen lays the blanket down. "Lay down." "Ok. Hehe"I am beyond nervous right now. No guy has ever made me feel underage preteen sites this way. In
fact, no one has made me feel this way and... I like the feeling. It's
like that one song from Selena Gomez.At this point I would like to ask you to look up the song "We Own The
Night" by Selena Gomez and play it for the rest of the story. Also, slower
your reading pace just a bit :).
"Ben, to be honest, I'm sort of starting to develop preteen sex sweden feelings for you as
well. The way you make me feel when I'm around you... it's just magical
and.... I don't want cuties little preteen to ever give that feeling up." "Jake...""Let me finish. I think maybe... we don't have to be gay or even straight
for that matter. incest chat preteen Maybe we will just be... confused...." "Confused? Haha""Yes, confused, but.... confused together." "Like a couple?""If you would like.... sure." "Jake, I think that would be awesome...""Yea. I think it will preteens modeling fuck be awesome." "Well since we are now a `confused couple', there has been
something I've wanted to do." Before I can tell him what I want to do, he
does it for me. He grabs me into a long passionate kiss; the kind that
makes you naughty nn preteen long for more and that will remain in your mind forever."Woah." "Woah."The kiss lasted about two minutes before we finally broke."Ben that was amazing!" "Yea I know." We kiss more and more and they get better each
time. It's like one of those books you read where the two main characters
kiss for the first time and, well you put the book down and just imagine if
that could ever be you, living in this sort of fantasy/reality world where
everything you had ever wanted in a kiss was happening, then and
there. Jake was an amazing person and I knew I was in the right `confused
couple' to be in. Life couldn't get any better."Can we just sleep here tonight?" "Here? In the park?""Yes. Haha. I know it's crazy but I just preteen naturist art
don't want to move from here
and..." "Yes.""Yes?" preteens panties young "Yea, I feel the same." I smile at him then kiss him even
more. We pull the other blanket over us and cuddle together for a long
time."Ben?" "Yea?""I never want to let you go..." "Then don't" I start to drift off after about ten more minutes
of holding each other."Ben?" "Yes Jake...""Please don't wake up tomorrow and say this was a mistake. I don't think I
could go through another heartache." "Jake." I turn around and face him. "I would never hurt you.""Good." He smiles, gives me a quick peck on the cheek, and then cuddles
next to me again. "Goodnight Ben." "Goodnight Jake..." Ok so I am terribly sorry about the huge wait. Lots have happened over the
past 5 days and plus I work on weekends so it's hectic but I posted it and
hopefully it meets your expectations. I tried making it longer than usual,
how did I do? I know my story isn't good enough to wait long for so I know
I may have lost some readers but I'm thankful for the one's I still have.
Keep on reading and like always, have a good week. russian preteen babes J -J.
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